Established in 2004, Tall Tales Productions creates custom miniature set pieces for film, TV and advertising as well as developing our own content in-house. We're known for highly realistic scale miniature work as well as original hand-sculpted characters. 


The creative force behind Tall Tales Productions is Caroline McFarlane-Watts, who has had her miniature work featured in many publications, exhibited in Europe, the United States and China, and sold to private collectors in over 40 countries. She's been featured as a miniaturist on TV in the US and China, including the Food Network. Full bio here.

David Sudd, the visual effects supervisor at Tall Tales Productions, has had 20 years of experience and worked on many blockbuster films (see his filmography at IMDB here).


One of our projects in development is 'Good Witches Bad Witches '. Read more about this at the website here, and follow this blog to see the behind the scenes scoop and watch it unfold. Everything is created from Caroline's imagination and with her own hands. Each character is imagined, sketched and then sculpted as a concept maquette. The sets are constructed in scale miniature, as well as every tiny prop which populates a scene.

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