Good Witches Bad Witches is the intellectual property of CS McFarlane-Watts. This in-development project is based on all the original characters and world of witches created by CS McFarlane-Watts. All images, artwork, photographs, characters and story are copyright of CS McFarlane-Watts of Tall Tales Productions.



A note from CS McFarlane-Watts ~
Please enjoy following this project and even using it as a source of inspiration and encouragement for your own original work. I've shared many techniques regarding working with polymer clay, paints and other mediums here on this blog and all social media platforms. I answer questions and give advice so that you too can enjoy sculpting, creating and using your own imaginations. So please do enjoy the images and advice on this blog, and feel free to ask questions. But it's important to note that these witches are copyright protected characters for Good Witches Bad Witches  and cannot be re-produced.

Any questions, please feel free to get in contact via the website here or directly by email here.

See all the witches on the website here as well, and don't forget to find out more in social media places such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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