Saturday 6 August 2011

Fantastical Beasts and a Journey into the Hidden World

Well I have to begin this blog somewhere. I'll start with some images probably familiar if you came here from my Tall Tales Productions website

These are characters I created for the book and episodic series 'The Hidden World'. It's about the magic hidden among us in the real world - just out of sight. These are watercolour character designs.         

I created natural habitats for 'The Hidden World' characters. 


This is a collection of articles and instruments I designed as part of my 'Hidden World'. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look.


Lola said...

Amazing blog Caroline, I love your illustrations! I have the Spiderwick Chronicles which have similar fantasy creatures so Im really keen to see your book and the movie!! Are there no end to your talents! Kate xx

Tom Sarmo said...

This is great--I am glad I found your blog! Remarkable inspiration. I like your works very much--Thanks for posting!

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