Sunday 1 January 2012

H A P P Y 2 0 1 2 ! ! !

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone had a fantastic time last night. My night was probably my second favourite New Year's Eve ever (coming after New Orleans at the Ritz-Carlton in 2009)!

Mulled wine now washed out of my hair, I'm updating this blog to reflect on what I accomplished last year in 2011. Below are snapshots of the past year. Summing up, I wrote a short film entitled 'Myrtle the Witch' that I will aim to work on in 2012. It will be shot on miniature sets using miniature hand-sculpted characters and I really can't wait to get started. I also had my work featured in 2 magazines, started working as a freelance miniaturist and building a business in which I now sell in over 30 countries worldwide. I graduated from UCLA with my Certificate in Entertainment (Screenwriting), did both freelance script revision and freelance concept artwork for producers in LA, travelled around California (including Yosemite twice), had a balloon ride over Temecula, packed up my workshop and moved from the US (where I have lived 2.5 years) and moved back to Blighty at the end of last year!

Snapshot images of 2011 below.

Hearst Castle, UCLA Graduation day, Temecula
Yosemite and Halloween in Los Feliz
Pumpkins in miniature for various projects
Miniature forest scene
Boggarts Bazaar miniature commission
Boggarts Bazaar miniature commission
General miniatures
General miniatures

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