Thursday 23 August 2012

Flooring it!

Laying slate flooring for the miniature kitchen in 'Myrtle the Witch'. I used tacky glue and fit these great components together, but after a few test photos with new items I'm listing over at my shop, I figured they weren't whimsical and special enough for the project. Too generic. So I'll be sculpting my own floor tiles.

Here's a picture of new fairytale items for the shop taken today on the new slate flooring. (Cinderella pumpkins and mice...). ;)

And I've sculpted brick facades for the bat tower I'm creating. Here's an image. Of course they'll need plastering onto the wall, colouring and mossing.

More updates on 'Myrtle' soon.... working like crazy on the sets whilst running tests and getting into pre-vis. Stay tuned~


Tabitha Corsica said...

Hello Caroline!

Hand-sculpted flagstones have much more character :-) You could make little pawprint impressions lol!

Are you making them out of polymer or air dry clay? I am starting to do some sculpting with airdry clay and I rather like it. In the past, I've only used it to make walls and such but my current project won't fit in my oven to cure so I've tried the airdry instead of polymer. I like the way it takes the paint.

Eager to see your finished floor and tower!


Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Hi Susan, that's a good idea - air dry clay.... you know I keep meaning to venture into that but so far I have so much polymer sitting around (which I want to use up before I fly outta here, so been using that). Thanks for the tip, I'll get some just to try it out. I'll post picstures soon. Oh, and I'm actually doing the bat tower mentioned in this post as a tutorial. C xXx

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