Friday 13 September 2013

Feeling Bookish

It's been a really busy but a brilliant week. I gave my first interview / feature for a Russian magazine ('The Art of Miniatures'), sold a lot of Halloween themed miniatures to collectors worldwide and started on a commission for a Sorcerer's library. The miniature cookbooks I had made a month ago (but never bothered to mention on this blog) created some hype and I was asked to make leather-bound spellbooks (or 'dragonskin' books) and a library to house them. See the cookbooks at the end of this post.

Here are some fun photos of it all in-the-making.

I also got a great new toy to use to help me work with leather (see photo). The books shown here are less than 3/4" in height. The fireplace you see below was wooden (I have made fireplaces before, such as the one used in the Christmas 2012 magazine feature) but this one I acquired in unfinished wood and I painted it to resemble green marble.

Now I better get a move on... doing another magazine cover and the deadline looms... ;)

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how to rule an asteroid said...

Hi Caroline,

Miniature books have been on my mind a lot lately as I work on a wizards house in 1:12 scale - I would love to pick your brain and learn more about how your made yours (though I know how busy you are!)


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