Friday 27 February 2015

It's a Piece of Cake

How many of my fellow '80s kids read the title of this post in the voice of Sarah from 'The Labyrinth'?!

It was my birthday this week and the most fabulous thing about it was the cool gift I got this year - a very powerful and brilliant new light complete with barn doors and gel filters! I've already begun using it. And being my birthday I decided to make myself a small cake (pretty much so I'd have something new to shove in front of my new light).
Only last week I'd been in miniature cake-making mood anyway, since I had to make black forest cakes. So, the cakes you're seeing here are small enough to fit on a quarter. In fact both are smaller than a quarter. At 1:12 scale they are only 3/4" in diameter. As with most of my photos, the images you see on your computer screen are bigger than the miniature items themselves.

But onto something much more interesting (making miniature cakes bores me to high heaven and low hell), I have just started on a new witch character. Take a look at this glimpse into my workspace below and stay tuned for much more interesting updates by early next week!

Before I sign off, I want to share another 'Caroline illustration' by Dreamworks artist Nico Marlet. He captured a funny moment at the awards the other day. I had settled into a comfy big auditorium seat, and as I tried to rise to greet someone, I found myself consumed by the chair which wouldn't let me back up. I've always been sparrow-like but this was ridiculous and my friend Nico found it so funny, he sketched it and gave me this. Funny, isn't it?!


elizabeth s said...

Oh Caroline! I'm sure that had to be a most embarrassing moment, but how brave of you to share it and the caricature with us! :D
I love your cakes and your new doll sounds interesting too!

Pepper said...

Ah those cinema type chairs. Been known to devour many a person unaware of their canivorous nature ;0P

Happy Birthday =0)

JP said...

I hope you had a most wondrous birthday! New studio additions are always perfect gifts :)

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