Wednesday 22 April 2015

Flame-haired Enchantress

Today I finished my new witch of the British Isles - my Scottish witch. You may have noticed I haven't posted on this blog for a couple of weeks, and this was because I took a family holiday for a fortnight in Lincoln, England. It was ripping. I did post on my Instagram a few times, so you can always find me there as well as the Facebook page. (I'm sure it must be hell for some of you to go a week without hearing from me).

But back to witches...
I (sort of) modeled this new witch on myself. I'm (sort of) Scottish and have typical Scottish colouring. I gave this witch pale translucent skin and ruddy cheeks (my face looks like that after a brisk walk), freckles, blue eyes and a mass of bright orange hair big enough to hide a badger in. For anyone who has seen me blow-dry my hair without mousse, they'll tell you it looks exactly like this.
I also attempted MacFarlane tartan on her skirt since my great-great-grandfather was a McFarlane. By the way, and since we're on the topic, I have a double-barreled surname but this does not mean I am married to someone named Watts. Everyone in America draws that conclusion as soon as they learn my name and I endeavour to clarify that the name on my birth certificate is Caroline McFarlane-Watts. ;)

I opted to make her a chunky girl because I wanted her to be a mountainous creature, like the mountains of Scotland. Don't worry - there'll be just as many skinny witches, so I am not type-casting my 'bad witches' as large. When I start creating the 'good witches' there will be many large girls there too.

Below you can see my usual process... a sketch, then a head, then a body, details added in stages... and I hope you catch the dead endangered birds joke...

Stay tuned for the next witch... the final British witch will of course be a Welsh witch.

PS I didn't base my Scottish witch on Nicola Sturgeon. Missed opportunity?!


Stephanie Kilgast said...

Ah this is so much fun :)
And Myrtle is a name a I like so much, I affectionately call all spiders at home like that (I prefer small spiders over other nasty stuff)
On a more serious note your witches make me want to try my hand on sculpting figurines.

Наталья said...

It`s something amazing!

Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thank you both for your comments!

Ha! Stephanie, my mum always names the large house spiders Albert, before removing them from the premises. I'd love to see you do some characters! I only really started this year and it's loads of fun, and easier than you'd think. You'd be fantastic at it and I'd love to see what you create. ;)

elizabeth s said...

WHOOA!.... You don't wanna mess with this lady!

I have to add though, that I love the way that you dressed your big girl. The argyle vest is perhaps my favorite thing!
And with such a Robust Bosom, the pattern really stands out!
Great Work!!!! :D

BeFairyCreative said...

Wow this is Amazing!! Great details !! Exciting to see

Anonymous said...

I really like your ideas for characters. just looking at them you distinguish their feelings and thoughts from eachother I'm really looking forward to seeing all the other witches. :D

DavidO said...

You're a wonderful modeller - and I like it.
You've a wicked sense of humour (OK, UK spelling) - and I love it.
Do you know the work of EJ Taylor?

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