Tuesday 2 October 2012

Camera Test Take 2

The first test I did the other day (blogged about here) had some problems. I tried again last night and have popped the results up on Vimeo so you can continue to see my progress.

Annoying thing is the quality of my video went to hell when I had to compress it to upload it to Vimeo... vexing. On my computer it looks so sharp and beautiful and really got me excited about how gorgeous 'Myrtle the Witch' is going to look, but on Vimeo it looks so bad! Nevermind - gives you an idea of the camera motion which is what these tests are all about. :)

Again, the set is not dressed. This is not what Myrtle's world will look like... it will be far far better. What's filmed here is again what was left out from a recent photo shoot for Pixie Dust Miniatures.
I put some stills of these new miniatures below for your interest. 

Watch the most recent camera test here or by clicking the image.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Hi Caroline! I kinda like the jerkiness of the first video:) It reminds me of some of the older cartons for some reason. And I love where you're going with this project. I know you said it isn't what Myrtle is going to live....but it sure is a beautiful little set that you've set up for your test shot:) Can't wait to see more:)

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