Tuesday 2 October 2012

Camera Test (finally!)

Last night we finally did a few tests filming some miniatures using the slider.

The scene is not dressed or anything - it's just some fairly random miniature pieces, a backdrop and some furniture. It's all we needed. The test is okay but I think it moves a tad too fast (this is the slowest we're able to go at the moment), it's still a bit jerky and I also feel that the motion blur isn't right yet. Will make some changes and shoot more tests again tonight. 

....So, not perfect, but to keep you all in the loop - here's my first camera test up on Vimeo. ;)

Click to watch it here or click the image below.

Aside from the test, to those of you who emailed since my last post about the macro lens... you're right - the last post didn't really show the lens off. So I took some more photos and I think you'll agree we get some serious close up detail. You'll also notice that even using f/20 it's still really shallow though which is what I meant when I said it was limiting. The spider cake tray below is 1, 6/16 inch in length -  photographed from 4 inches away at f/20, and the piece of cake closest to the lens is soft. 

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