Wednesday 6 March 2013

Hitting the Bottle

That's right - the frustration of awaiting the keys to my new place in Los Feliz (near Hollywood) has forced me to hit the bottle. ;) I can't really spread out and focus on any particularly expansive miniature sets right now, so I am tackling little props in bulk such as these hand-blown glass bottles and jars. I have them hand-blown by my glassblower in NY and I finish them off.

If molten gold, gathered moss, mugwort and soot are on your shopping list then look no further. As usual, I've made far more than I need and sell any extras at my online shop. They've been popular sellers for years and featured in a magazine in the UK in 2010.

Taking a quick break from Myrtle illustration.... I thought I'd share some photos of these glass bottles of magic matter against a matchstick...
(I took these photos back in 2010).

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