Tuesday 16 July 2013

Along for the Ride?

Who wants to drive an SUV when you can have a ride like this?

The fact that I can write things like that just shows how many glue and resin fumes I undoubtedly breathe in a day. Rather reluctant to open workshop windows when it's 88 degrees outside though...

I made these brooms weeks ago but only just got around to taking some photos yesterday. Some are for 'Myrtle the Witch', some for private collectors. I made them using willow, silver birch, dark stained woods, dried grasses and horse hair bound with silk threads. I put a dinner fork in a couple of the photos so that you can see the scale. They're approx 5 inches in height.

As for the thatched cottage you see in the background - you've seen posts about that on here before. Well I finally finished it last month and in the process of re-building it as 3D model in Maya. I'm also working on the base (wire mesh, foam etc) and you'll see more about all this soon. Oh, and yes - it is a set for 'Myrtle the Witch', but no - it isn't her house. ;)

Past post about broomsticks is here


Unknown said...

woow this house it's fantastic! you are an artist jeje

Mamma A. said...

w-O-W !!
Your art is absolutley AMAZING!!!
I love it!

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