Monday 22 July 2013

Brushing up - with Watercolour

It's been so long since I painted with watercolour that I felt quite nervous opening my ancient box of paints (which I've had since I was a child) and starting a new painting for 'The Hidden World'.

Still... I need to brush up and create some new artwork for this project so I forced myself to knuckle down at the weekend. This painting is going to be of a magical tree - an Oracle from 'The Hidden World' but this particular image wont make it in... it's a warm-up. I used reference photos of trees and bluebells (some taken in my Grandfather's garden in England this May) as a guide.

I'll share the finished painting in a day or two. Criticism and advice always well received. :)


Last Alliance Studios said...

Oh that's beautiful! I love the little owls on the left too. :)
I've never been brave enough to try watercolours, I'm always afraid I'll mess something up!

Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thanks a lot! Watercolours aren't too tricky - just make sure you use the right type of paper and use them thinly with water - don't try to use them like acrylics. (Not that I really know what I'm talking about - there are some brilliant watercolour artists out there!) :)

Jardley said...

I've found with watercolor in my experience, it's not been something you unlearn, especially if you really enjoy it.

You've had the set since childhood?! I guess they don't lose their quality after a while?

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