Thursday 15 August 2013


Recently a woman telephoned me from Paris and requested 500 loaves of bread made in perfect scale miniature and with a realistic finish. Hard to say no to a request like that - especially for what I charge per loaf. (Each one is meticulously handmade using clay - not poured resin - thus they have a realistic translucent quality. There is no paint involved, rather pigment is brushed dry onto the unbaked clay).

I had done a similar commission for the same person back in 2011 and never knew what it was for. Well, after days of tedious hard work I completed my commission, Fed-Ex'd them over to her and then learnt what they're for. They will be displayed under a glass case in the entrance to a major bakery in Paris sitting on a scale model factory line (not made by me). Huh!

Another recent commission which took me away from my short film, was for Canada. A woman representing the boutique of 'The Drake Hotel', Toronto asked me to create tiny miniature croissants and other items as jewelry. A few tedious days later and I shipped her hundreds of pairs of post earrings showcasing my beautiful tiny creations.

When I'm not selling French bread to Parisians or bespoke jewelry to Canadians, I am working on sets and props for the short film - 'Myrtle the Witch'. Scroll past bread and jewelry images to see pictures of my recent 'workspace' below. More to come on this soon...

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Leia said...

WOW! I cant even imagine making 500 loaves of bread....I usually dont make duplicates of items, Im afraid theyll look too different lol. Ive seen you do it many many times though, and they always look great :) How awesome for you! Congrats!!!!

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