Friday 18 May 2018

Touching Base

Boy, do I appreciate how patient all you wonderful people are! I've told you Hortense would be available for pre-sales right around the time of Monsterpalooza (in April) and she is not! But she will be.... in less than a week (honest)!

We got just a tad delayed because I didn't think the base I'd had made for her was quite right. It was a lovely black wooden fine art base (and you can glimpse it in the Monsterpalooza photos I took here). So I'm delayed because I decided to scrap it and make something a bit quirkier for you. This new base is hand carved in a fun kooky way (by me) and I finished it with a 'Good Witches Bad Witches' kind of plaque or stamp on the side. I love how it turned out. You can see it in this video I posted on my Instagram here and also to the Faceboook page here.

If you're interested in more of the process of making this Hortense figurine, you can see videos of me casting the resin base for her at my Instagram here and also to the Faceboook page here!

For those more interested in simply purchasing her, pre-sales will commence soon, I promise. I just have to ship my lovely prototype off to the factory and we get this ball rolling! You can sign up to the Newsletter for updates and the announcement of when she's listed for pre-sales.

Early birds will get a really nice discount. So don't miss out on that!

I'll leave you with some working photos I took whilst making Hortense for you. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Any issues not addressed or concerns, please feel free to email me any time.
- Caroline xxx

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