Tuesday 9 December 2014

迷你 Show in Shanghai

Whilst my whimsical 'Father Christmas / Santa's Workshop' piece is still being exhibited in Burbank at Creature Features (details here), I will be flitting off to Shanghai for an exhibition of some of my more realistic miniature scenes.

Each miniature model scene was created by myself with a high level of realism, and all in 1:12, one inch scale. The scenes include a bakery, English sweet shop, traditional English Christmas dinner, a garden, a train station, a kitchen and a living room all decked out for Christmas. In Chinese; 迷你面包店, 迷你糖果店, 迷你圣诞晚餐, 迷你花园, 迷你火车站, 迷你厨房, 迷你客厅.

Whilst in Shanghai I will be lecturing on the topic of miniature set building and teaching a class on three of the days I am out there. Will share more photos of the event and press clippings when I'm back. What a fun way to end the year 2014!

1 comment:

Kathy Thayer said...

Travel safe Caroline and come back with some new stories of China. I would love to see you do something on the order of Chinese New Years with a dragon. Please!

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