Tuesday 30 December 2014

the Unusual Suspects

This line-up of elves is brought to you by Tall Tales Productions...!

I promised a few photos of the making of the characters of the Father Christmas / Santa Workshop (as seen here) and so here it is. Don't miss the previous post about constructing the set as well.

The characters were all made using polymer clay and are in one inch (1:12) scale. The elves have aluminium wire necks and legs, for added support. but the very simply designed penguin and snowman do not. All were finished with chalk pastel pigment and / or paint. Take a look at some of the steps below and as always, feel free to email me with any queries. I am still selling elves at the moment, but will finish at the end of Jan 2015.

As you can see, I started with the heads and hardened them separately. The feet and hands were also hardened separately before being attached. They were assembled and painted in stages.

Don't forget you can right-click image and 'open in new tab'. That way you can zoom.

The penguin had candy glued to him, which was also made using polymer clay. 


elizabeth s said...

Hi Caroline! Your opening photo reminds me of the cover from the movie The Usual Suspects!
Very cute!
You little elf guys are just Adorable and you have given each of them a whole lot of personality. I bet each one even has a name. :)
I wish them and YOU, a Very Happy New Year!


Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thanks a lot Elizabeth! I am so glad you like them. You have a wonderful new year too! Caroline

NarinaNäpertää said...

Thanks once again for showing your wonderful works (^^)
They bring so much joy just by watching them.
Once again I have to admit that I envy your talent (shame on me..)
These elves are so darn cute!!
I wish you A Very Happy New Year - may it bring nothing but all the good in your way :)
Hugs, Irina

Nono said...

Happy New Year, Caroline!

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