Friday 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas - I'm stuffed!

This is very unlike me, and will probably never happen again, but today I decided to pop together a recipe card and upload it to this blog!

As a Brit living in California, I often miss English foods, and never more so than at Christmas. This year I didn't fly home to the UK (7 trips across the Atlantic and 4 across the Pacific seemed like enough flying this year), so I ignored the warm Los Angeles weather outside my window, opened a bottle of European wine, cooked as many typically British ingredients as I could get my hands on and pretended I was back in Blighty!

One of the things I did was pork, chestnut, apple and sage stuffing. I gather that adding meat to stuffing is unusual in California, and since this is my own adapted recipe, I'm sharing it here. Just right-click the below recipe card image, and open in a new tab. Then you'll be able to see it at full rez. It's really easy and it seemed to go down well with my American guests!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I'll update very soon with something much more in keeping with a blog about film-making, drawing and miniatures. How about a 'making of' about the Christmas Elf Workshop...? Check back in a day or two.

PS This is my street on Christmas Day! Gotta love LA.


Lisa Neault said...

Your stuffing recipe sounds delicious! Out in the southern region in Virginia where I live, we put meat in the stuffing - I love using ham or bacon. I am so tempted to try your recipe as the apples make it sound delicious and moist ! It was warm- almost 60 degrees out here on Christmas day too- it looked like a breezy fall day out here!Thank you for posting your recipe and am so looking forward to pics of your Christmas scene!

Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thanks a lot Lisa! That's really interesting. I don't think we'd use ham or bacon in stuffing in the UK... I haven't heard of that. But it sounds really nice.
Thanks for reading!

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