Tuesday 9 June 2015

La Sorcière Française

It's Tuesday and I completed the French witch just in the nick of time! I am continuing to create my world of witches for 'Good Witches Bad Witches' and thus far have made an English witch, Scottish witch, Welsh witch, Irish witch, and now, moving across the English channel to continental Europe, I have here a French witch.

I do hope this witch doesn't offend anyone. As I've said before, the bad witches in my series will be unattractive, angry / irritable and I'm playing with stereotypes as well. So this witch was almost made holding a jar of snails or frogs, but instead I went for the silly 'arrogant' stereotype. She is chic and stylish though (another stereotype for Parisians), so perhaps that makes up for it?! Don't forget that my English witch embodies the negative stereotypes about the English - she's grumpy, unapproachable and holding an umbrella. ;)

My French witch has a black and white striped dress which I recently saw in an episode of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' and just loved, an aggressive mink stole, a fascinator, a monstrous handbag (purse), a trolley of shopping and a miniature French poodle as her familiar. She was made by myself using clay and wire and is in 1:12 scale. See photos of the process below.

I am creating a German witch next... but she probably wont be posted as soon as next Tuesday as I have some commissions to catch up on. Stay tuned though and don't forget to follow the Facebook page here for quicker updates, and you can email me here with any queries.

Mes chers amis et fans français, j'ai cré une sorcière pour ma série 'Bonnes Sorcières Mal Sorcières' (qui sera publié comme un livre et une film), et comme mes autres sorcières, elle est drôle fondée sur des stéréotypes. J'espère, qu'elle ne vous blesse pas! Je l'ai fait arrogante et désagréable, mais aussi élégante! Merci beaucoup pour la suite du projet. Tout est créé par moi (Caroline) et vous pouvez trouver plus à ma page Facebook ici et sur Instagram ici.


GrégoireP said...

She is awesome !!! Congratulations

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of your witches and art in general, I'd even say that you are my favourite artist.
I am really excited about your movie, how many years do you think you'll need to finish it?
I love how both the dog and the witch have the same expression ^^

(And no, as a French, I am not offended at all, I honestly love these silly stereotypes!)

Anna said...

I am largely of French descent and I LOVE her! If you're going to play with stereotypes, at least "haughty Parisian grande dame" has a grain of truth to it (unlike certain "other" French stereotypes that annoy me to no end).

Franlars said...

Amazing work! :)

Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thank you all for such fantastic comments - I am so pleased to read them!
Caroline xXx

Unknown said...

Wow! Amazing, beautiful, cute, funny.....there aren't enough superlatives. Love them all! Count me as a new fan.

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