Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Icing on the Cake!

If you're addicted to cooking / baking shows then you'll have heard of celebrity baker Duff Goldman's new show - 'Cake Masters', which aired its first season on the Food Network last month. Cooking shows not your thing? -This one's different....!

'Cake Masters' makes for uniquely fun viewing. Duff Goldman is the star - it's his world, and this is a guy you'll fall in love with before the first commercial break. He's adorable. But it's his vision and talent that makes the show such fun. In each episode he and his team create crazy 'work of art' cakes, themed for a particular event. They bring in a guest for assistance with some of their cakes and I was delighted when I got a call from the producers to ask me to lend a hand in the final episode.

Some of you who've followed my career for years might know that I used to make elaborate creative cakes back in London and that sugar crafts was my game before edging further into the film industry and the miniature world, more specifically. I traded fondant icing and sugar figurines for clay and movie maquettes! So doing this episode held even more interest for me.

We shot the episode in February (actually we happened to film on my birthday, which was a pretty fun way to spend it) and my episode aired last night here in the US. If you missed it you can find the entire season on Amazon here.

The Cake Masters episode (entitled 'Duff's Rockin' Dockers Cake') was about creating a San Francisco cityscape miniature scene cake, for clothing label Dockers to celebrate them turning 30. What a challenge! Duff's talented team made the cake and I was tasked with creating the miniature figurines (12 of them) to go on top, and each had to be wearing Dockers outfits through the ages.

It really was enormous fun, and also brilliant to work with the production company 'Authentic Entertainment'. What a fantastic crew! Not to mention Duff Goldman's team as well in his sugary imaginative domain in Beverly Hills. If you are in LA then swing by his Charm City Cakes on Melrose and get a cupcake.

Below are some fun stills from the episode and also my 'making of' photos of the figurines!

Rent the Duff's Rockin' Dockers Cake 'Cake Masters' episode here

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NOTE - I will be away for the next three weeks in Europe, and back with new and exciting things to show you in the second week of June. Stay tuned!

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Drora's minimundo said...

Awesome work! I love your work. Fantastic characters!
Hugs, Drora

Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thanks so much! The episode was fun, wasn't it?! C x

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Gah I want to see that episode badly now! And congrats!

GeoKaren said...

Loved the episode. I have a passion for this as well - what were the figures for Duff's project made from?

Caroline McFarlane-Watts said...

Thanks so much GeoKaren! They were actually made using polymer clay, not fondant icing. So they weren't edible, but they were food safe! :)

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