Friday 7 September 2012

Magic Mushrooms and Concept Art Classes...

Been a great and amazingly productive week (or few weeks) over in my miniature filmic world. I started the week by attending a Concept Design Workshop here in Wellington which was taught by talented professionals working at Weta Workshop. It was eye-opening to see how talented most of my classmates were - some shockingly good stuff, although I found myself asking how many movies really call for this many aliens (aliens seemed to be the predominant theme in everyone's portfolio).

The class really was intended for people who want to work with Z-Brush and Photoshop to create concept designs (and I'm more of a hands-on paintbrush or clay type of girl) so I definitely took more from the class I attended back in LA taught by Jordu Schell. If anyone's in LA and wants to work in concept design / special effects, or even if you don't - take Jordu's class. He showed us hands-on amazing techniques for sculpting, drawing and maquettes - you can find his website here.

So here's some works in progress for my short film - 'Myrtle the Witch'. I've also been baking miniature clay tiles to lay flooring, baking clay bricks and cementing them to miniature towers.... this miniature world is really coming together.

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