Sunday 9 September 2012

Poison, Rain and Dire Straits

Bolted out of bed early after 4 hours sleep and I feel damnably awake - you'd think I add speed to my tea. Up to my elbows in clay since 8 am and working through commissions fast so I can focus on 'Myrtle'....

Over the weekend I got a little work done on it. Made poison pies (plus extras arranged on slate boards for collectors) and tested (played with) new tools (toys) such as a brilliant dremel kit with more attachments than Inspector Gadget. I also met Alan Lee over at the Weta Cave.... Wasn't star-struck any of the times I met James Cameron, but I meet Alan Lee and forget my name halfway through introducing myself.

Being British, the weather has to get a mention and here in Wellington New Zealand it's been wetter than a mermaid's brassiere. The wind's terrific as well - my apartment's been swaying back and forth, outer glass doors shattered in the wind and water's splashed up through the sinks and onto the walls. I just had to take some photos, and I've put them below comparing a picture of my balcony the day I moved in (July - which was winter here) with a snap of my balcony on Saturday (September - technically spring!)
Still, it's kind of exciting and loud weather like this legitimizes me playing Dire Straits at an unreasonable volume ;)

Wet and Windy Wellington.... (click on an image to enlarge)

Sunny winter................................................................Wet, wet, wet spring.... ;)

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