Sunday 25 October 2015

Which Witch Won?

You know how I love to have fan involvement, getting feedback for character design on 'Good Witches Bad Witches' etc. It's great! I encourage your comments here and on the Facebook page and Instagram. I read them all.

Well 2 weeks ago I asked which witch should be next and got so many responses! I said I'd make whichever witch got the most votes, and now the results are in and I'll start on her tomorrow!

Scroll past these previous witches from around the world, and then look at the results below to see which witch won your vote!

English witch (see more here)

Scottish witch (see more here)

Welsh witch (see more here)

Irish witch (see more here)

French witch (see more here)

German witch (see more here)

Italian witch (see more here)

American (Texan) witch (see more here)

The results: - 

Dutch / Netherlands 18 votes ... the WINNER. This will be the next witch made.
Russian 17 votes
Indian 16 votes
Australian 16 votes
Polish 12 votes
Greek 12 votes
Canadian 9 votes
Spanish 9 votes
African 8 votes
Norwegian 8 votes
Swedish 7 votes
Japanese 6 votes
Chinese 5 votes
Asian 5 votes
Mexican 4 votes
Haiti 3 votes
Portuguese 3 votes
American (Pacific Northwest) 3 votes
Swiss 2 votes
Finn 2 votes
Romanian (Transylvanian) 2 votes
Denmark 2 votes
Scottish 2 votes .................already made this witch! 
Hungarian 2 votes
Belgian 2 votes
Italian 2 votes .................already made this witch! 
Kiwi 2 votes
German 1 vote .................already made this witch! 
American (Massachusetts) 1 vote
American (Alaskan) 1 vote
American (Wisconsin) 1 vote
Welsh 1 vote .................already made this witch! 
Turkish 1 vote
Czech 1 vote
Jamaican 1 vote
French 1 vote .................already made this witch! 
Argentinian 1 vote
Bangladeshi 1 vote
Austrian 1 vote
Brazilian 1 vote

So, a huge thank you to you all for participating with your vote comments at the Facebook and Instagram pages. It's great to know that you care about the project 'Good Witches Bad Witches'!

The next with will be Dutch, as per your votes. Stay tuned...!


Whimcees said...


Judging by all the requests, you have MANY more witches ahead to be made! :<)

LOVE them all! Wishing you a great Monday and good luck with the new witch! I look forward to seeing it!



Unknown said...

The familiars you make are so fabulous! I'd love to see more critters in your Etsy shop. :)

Stephanie Kilgast said...

argh! Russian was SO close :D

Marigold Creek said...

I love love LOVE your witches! Every witch is so special and I can't decide which I like the most. But because I'm German I go for the German witch :D. She looks so cuddly ^^. Can't wait for the coming witches and of course for the movie. It sounds fascinating! :)

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