Wednesday 14 March 2012

Moving at a Snail's Pace

So for people wondering where the heck I've been, here's a blog update! You know what it's like when you get SO immersed in everything and you think it's been 2 weeks since your last blog update and then realise it's actually been 2 months...?! Whoops.

Well, still currently residing in Groovy Britain. Plans to move back to the US have been taking up a lot of my time - getting into America is like getting into Fort Knox. Anyone in the European Union can pop over to my country and work, study, get free health care and leave, yet America views Brits trying to enter the US as suspiciously as a shark in a wooly jumper trying to sneak into a teddy bears picnic.

What's teeny tiny and in demand? No, besides me?
Yes, miniature snails, apparently. Who knew?!
This post is going to read like I sit around making microscopic snails all day. Not quite the case. It's true that I am funding my short film (Myrtle) in part by keeping an online shop which sells miniatures (mostly doubles of the same ones I create for my short), but I have in fact been steadily building more and more of the set for my short, inch by inch...
Below are images I took yesterday of snails which I've been selling lately and are contributing to the Myrtle kitty.

I also managed to turn 30 since my last post, went to Cancun, learnt to snorkel, swam with giant sea turtles and pretty blue fish, become obsessed with ceviche, have been working with editors on more features of my work to come out in magazines throughout this year... and some more exciting new developments to be shared soon. ;)

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