Saturday 6 February 2016

The Flying Dutchwoman

Yes, finally, a new witch!

The latest character for 'Good Witches Bad Witches', brought to you by Tall Tales Productions is a Dutch witch! I asked you all (my beloved blog / Facebook / Instagram followers) which witch to do next, and you asked for a Dutch one, so here she is. I am just sorry I took longer to complete her, but when I blog about the recent miniature set build commissions we were working on over at Tall Tales, then I hope you'll understand!

I enjoy creating each new witch because I love other cultures, other customs and learning about the other lives people lead. The Netherlands for instance, is a marvelous place and incredibly inspiring for character creation. You may think "Holland = clogs, tallest people in the world and great cheese" but there's so much more to know than that. I tried to incorporate some interesting elements without merely relying on boring stereotypes.

This miniature hand-sculpted witch rides a broom-bike because 31% of the people of the Netherlands have a bicycle as their main mode of transport. She's tall (6 inches standing up), has dark blonde hair and pale skin, a play on a Dutch bonnet / hat, tulip designs on her skirt, orange incorporated in her clothing (the colour of the Dutch royal family) and her familiar (witch's pet) is a Netherlands dwarf rabbit.

Her features are sharp to suggest that when she rides that bike she goes tearing through Holland like concord.

If you enjoy my witches please see more at the website, and to be involved and see behind the scenes you can become a fan of the Facebook page here and also, don't forget to see past witches already created for 'Good Witches Bad Witches' (the following being, English witch, Scottish witch, Welsh witch, Irish witch, French witch, German witch, Italian witch, American / Texan witch).

A note to my Dutch friends.....

De Nederlandse heks

Lieve Nederlandse vrienden en fans, ik presenteer u... De Nederlandse heks!
Ze maakt deel uit van mijn 'witches from around the globe' serie - 'Good Witches Bad Witches' (gebaseerd op het geïllustreerde kinderboek en in ontwikkeling als film met miniaturen). Net als mijn andere heksen is ze een grappig stereotype en is het helemaal niet mijn bedoeling om de Nederlander te beledigen. Omarm haar met humor, zoals ze bedoeld is.

Ze is door mij gecreëerd en is ongeveer 1 inch schaal (ze is circa 15cm hoog).
Natuurlijk heb ik haar een fiets gegeven, maar weigerde haar klompen aan te doen. Ze is een moderne heks en ik wil niet zo ouderwets zijn!
Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn in het project kan je mijn andere heksen hier vinden op mijn blog en hier op mijn website.
Voor support kan je hier mijn Facebook page liken of mij hier volgen op Instagram.

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