Wednesday 17 April 2013

One sip to Immortality

Ever craved the secret to eternal youth, immortality? Mystics, necromancers and sorcerers from East and West claim to have found the key, the mysterious water which grants immortality to the drinker.

I created these potion bottles in tiny one inch scale for a miniature project based on the topic of Nicholas Flamel and the Elixir of Life. The project was just a quickie which took up the past 2.5 days, including photography yesterday (see the photos included). Some photos are to be published, and I'll update that in my 'publicity page' here on this blog as usual.

Want to live forever? I'm selling extras to collectors and some will be sold at the magical marketplace of Whimsic Alley on Wilshire Blvd, CA.

See them in the making below as well, and note the stone spiral floor which you saw in the making in previous post here

Saturday 6 April 2013

A Dragon Day

It's a gorgeous day here in LA and Griffith Park awaits, so I'll make this a quick update. ;)

Since my Easter post the other day I received several requests for crates of dragon eggs and some other commissions centered around dragons. This leads me to what I've been up to today. I'm taking a few days off from 'Myrtle the Witch' to create a pretty unusual and interesting dragon piece in one inch scale.

Below you can see me making dozens of new design dragon eggs, wooden crates lined with hay, hutches and stone flooring. The clay I'm using  for the stone slabs is paperclay (not my usual polymer clay), so it's not cured or fired with heat, but dries hard over 24 hours. I started the floor yesterday and finished it this morning with dry brushing and scenic scatter.

Enjoy some work in progress pictures and watch out for the finished piece which I shall photograph before I ship it off.

Invading Spain

... A second appearance in Spanish miniature model magazine!

Okay, so the title of this post was perhaps a little misleading... But I am looking forward to a more extensive feature in the Spanish magazine 'Miniaturas' later this year at any rate. This was from Dec of last year and I just received my copy in the mail. 

Here's the article and images used. All of these Christmas miniatures were from a UK commission I undertook last summer whilst living in New Zealand. I built a one inch scale Scandinavian living room and a Christmas barn. Take a look at the gingerbread house below - it would fit nicely on a one pound coin / nickel. Everything in the photos was designed, built and photographed by me as part of this project. An American editor took an interest and pointed Miniaturas in my direction. You can read more on this particular project here.

Find all magazines and books including my work in the About section of my blog.

Friday 5 April 2013

Magazine and Books

Another little feature to share - this one's from Dec of last year (2012) and I just received my hard copy in the post. Ashdown Publishing (US) put out their usual Christmas issue of American Miniaturist magazine and included a 2 page piece on my work. They used photos from 2010 including the famous Santa's helper elves at the conveyor belt and some holiday food.

Click the magazine cover on the left to be taken to their site.

I was featured 3 times in December last year (front cover and full feature in UK magazine - post about that here), this feature and an appearance in Spanish magazine 'Miniatura' which I'll share tomorrow.

Aside from magazines... Ashdown Publishing have put out some new books. I did the front cover work on two published at the end of last year - Halloween and Christmas themed books about the art of miniatures. You can find them at iTunes and on Amazon as Kindle editions. Just follow the links below.

Here's some larger images of my work used in this magazine. Guess those elves don't get old do they? They've been featured in the UK, US and Spain several times over the past 3 years!

Here are the two books published by Ashdown. Please note that I contributed photography and some editorial but that was the extent of my involvement. The books are a collection of work by several miniaturists assembled and edited by Ashdown.

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