Monday 3 April 2017

My Little China Girl

It's about time I gave you another witch character for Good Witches Bad Witches , don't you think?! 

Here is my latest witch. Just finished her the other day. Her name is Yinying Gu and she's from Guilin, China. Her familiar (witch's pet) is a pug called Sudu, and she carries mynah birds on her back. Her elaborate hairdo displays a bone and tarantula hair ornament. Her long witchy robes are my take on a hanfu, and her wide belt holds her golden bird cage to her hunched back. Her Ming pot has a dragon pattern under a crackle glaze finish.   

Another 1:12 scale sculpture handmade by myself, she stands at less than 5 inches tall. Breaking with tradition, I have only put a few development photos below as you'll be able to see more, learn more about how she was made and about the character herself by purchasing a copy of my book 'The Art of Good Witches Bad Witches' which is out this summer.

I thought someone would probably want to buy a pug, so I actually made two and have made one available for purchase at my webshop here. There's only one, so don't miss out! I ship everywhere.

Enjoy the photos!

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