Wednesday 18 July 2012

Journey to Middle-earth

From La La Land, to Blighty, to Middle-earth.... I never seem to sit still. Yep, I left English summer behind for a wetter New Zealand winter and moved here for a 6 month stretch a month ago.

Packing all my tools and materials into 3 suitcases so I can continue to run my business whilst here working on 'Myrtle' was rippingly good fun as ever. Several hours in my mum's kitchen weighing clay, sand, documents and wood in little rickety scales whittled my workshop down to 130 lbs and a £70 penalty fee. Would have been handy if it had dawned on me that after 28 hours of flying I'd arrive in Auckland and promptly have 10% of my materials confiscated by Bio-security.

Here's my little damp and mossy abode pictured above...

Alright, there weren't any vacancies for Hobbit Holes, so I've settled into the 15th floor of a skyscraper in central Wellington, made an office out of the 2nd bedroom and planted my computer where I get the best view of this awesome city.
I'll give updates on 'Myrtle', but for now I've just finished an 8 page feature for an American magazine (out in Sept) and committed to a feature in a British magazine's Dec issue... deadline is mid August. Plus I've got commissions to plough through including a one inch scale Hogsmeade... so will be a busy bee.

Sunrise view from my balcony the day after arrival.

My apartment.                                   My building - photographed yesterday.

My brilliant view of the Pacific.
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