Friday 25 April 2014

All in One Basket

Since we've just had Easter, plus I got back from 2 weeks touring China to rush through a 3 day 'monster egg' market scene, it makes sense to write about eggs.

You may recognise the character in this scene. She's a witch 'extra' borrowed from 'Myrtle the Witch' for this occasion. The scene itself was something I had to throw together for a magazine, jet-lagged as I was from my 16 hour flight back from China. (I'll add some photos of Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai... etc soon btw).

So, I sketched some monsters, added colour in Photoshop (something I have never done before as I had always been a traditionalist, paintbrush in hand) and printed tiny monster species labels for the wooden crates. I used a 'brick wall' and 'stone floor' I'd made last year and knocked together this market scene.

Belated Happy Easter!

I'll update again soon both here and at the Facebook page with something much more interesting... ideally Myrtle-related!

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