Tuesday 26 November 2013

Pumpkins, Squash and a Magazine Cover

Without realizing it I've somehow become associated with pumpkins in miniature. I suppose I have made them a lot for various projects over the past 4 years, but still it was funny when a magazine editor approached me and asked for high rez pumpkin photos for their November magazine cover.

Thought I'd include some fun pumpkin and squash photos from various projects I've worked on in this blog post. You can see some in the making - starting off as clay forms, then with pigment added, then eyes added, then they're hardened in my clay oven, then paint touches added.

Scroll past these photos to see the magazine cover. It's one I haven't been featured in before - specifically a dollhouse magazine called 'Dollshouse World' and published in the UK by an American publisher.

Magazine cover.
See full 8 page feature here on my About Page.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

From Russia with Love

Been away awhile.... and so to catch up...

Just returned to LA from a 3 week vacation to find my copy of another Russian magazine I am featured in.

The last Russian feature I did was for a magazine called 'The Art of Miniatures' (Nov 2013 issue) and, disappointing to me, was published in English. This last magazine, called 'довольно куклы' was published in Russian (Dec 2013 issue). As someone who is 1/8 Russian I was fairly chuffed to see it. Take a look at the excerpt below!

I also had a few other magazine features (including 2 front covers) lately as well, which I always appreciate. See some snippets below or you can see them all to date on this 'About' section of my blog as well.

Coming up...
I will share photos of the finished miniature model of the thatched cottage (which I actually completed a couple of months ago but haven't had time to write about). Will also post a video demo of myself using Celluclay to achieve the thatch.

And in my personal life...
Holidayed in the Canary Isles with family and returned a few days ago. Only a 4 hour plane trip from London and the weather was very similar to LA, albeit with a touch of humidity. Interesting volcanic landscapes, camel rides and wonderful people. Loved it but still I'm happy to be back here in LA and able to get on with things. 3 weeks away from clay / paints / computers and I start to get really fidgety. ;)
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