Wednesday 7 September 2016

Talk less, Say more

Funnily enough, I made mention of viking raids in my last post about 'Good Witches Bad Witches' (here), so perhaps it's fitting that my newest character I present to you is..... the Swedish witch! AKA den Svenska häxan.

What do I know of Sweden? Aside from pickled fish and raids of the British Isles courtesy of Norse seafarers beginning in the 8th century... I know that today Sweden is a brilliantly modern and progressive country. Only a small amount of Googling will fill you in on why that is, and you may also learn that they're responsible for more than Ikea, Abba and Volvo. Add Skype and Spotify to that list. Didn't know that, did you?!

Okay, last words about Sweden... my best friend, who I met when I was only 19 hails from Eskilstuna, Sweden. The first Swede I ever met, she impressed me with her perfect English, incredible brain and waist length pale gold, lifeless, silky hair. She gave me some advice when creating this character so if anything comes off as offensive as opposed to funny, then do take it up with Ms Jonsson's lawyers. ;)

My Swedish witch!
She has the lightest skin tone of all my witches thus far, icy blue eyes and pale blonde hair. (That part was inspired by my Swedish best friend). She has a typically Scandinavian cleft in her chin and mackerel protruding from her mouth.
She's big-boned because I wanted to create a great strong lass, capable of pulling down trees and building a longboat. Her hair is plaited (US English - braided) in keeping with the crazy hairstyles of all my witches. She wears a leather apron, blue woolen dress (colour of the Swedish flag), furs, carries a bronze cauldron with Norse embellishments, filled with mackerel. Her familiar (witch's pet) is the Swedish wild boar pup.

Scroll past the note for my Swedish friends below to see photos from behind the scenes! Don't forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram!

Till mina svenska vänner, det här är en kommentar till er…

Om ni kan läsa engelska så vet ni att min bästa kompis är svensk och att jag genom henne blivit utsatt för en massa fina svenska fenomen (mestadels mat och traditioner) och att jag älskar skandinavisk kultur. Jag hoppas att jag har skapat en karaktär som ni ska gilla och ta med en nypa salt. Det här är min svenska häxa!

Jag skapar karaktärer ifrån hela världen för ett projekt med namnet ‘Goda Häxor, Onda Häxor’ och jag har gjort engelska, skottska, franska, italienska häxor etc. och den här gången har jag skapat en svensk häxa. Hon är min egen design till den film jag håller på att producera åt Tall Tales Productions (websida här). Jag skapade henne för hand med hjälp av Fimo lera och ståltråd. Tack för ert intesse för mitt arbete. Om ni vill se mera så besök min Facebook sida (här), mitt Instagram (här) och Twitter (här). En video av när jag gör häxan kan ni snart hitta på min YouTube kanal (här). Med vänliga hälsningar - Caroline

In personal news, taking advantage of these warm summer nights in southern California, I just went to one of Cinespia's famous outdoor screenings and watched Hitchcock's 'The Birds' with 4000 other people! Fitting since 'Tippi' Hedren is of Swedish descent.

*Final thought*
Post title is from a Swedish proverb - "Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours."
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