Wednesday 25 July 2018

Comically Unconventional

That's the thing about San Diego's Comic-Con, it's full of sights and characters you'd see nowhere else. I stood in line for coffee during my time there behind two Batmans, characters from Moana, a Princess Leia and a person trapped inside a gigantic inflatable 'Mr Meeseeks' costume.

Last week I had a fantastic time at Comic-Con! I was there with my resin figurine - Hortense, the snooty Parisian witch from the Good Witches Bad Witches™ series. You can purchase her here at my webshop, by the way.

This post is less about Hortense, who you will know about from my posts about her (like this one) and posts about my witches in general (like this one). Today I am writing a shout-out to the company with which I shared a booth at Comic-Con. The San Francisco based resin figurine company - Tweeterhead.

Tweeterhead is a fan-favourite collectible studio, offering high end statues and busts from pop culture classics. They stand out from a lot of collectible maquette companies because their work is just a touch more exciting and colourful. You'll see what I mean when you browse their website - take a look at the poses of the characters and at the bases they're on. I love how even the bases are just such cool designs and a part of the world the character comes from - not just a mere black base to hold them upright. It's like each character is telling a story in their own little allegorical pose and base. And the detail! Did I mention the detail?! Not to mention Tweeterhead is pure quality. They have some of the best sculptors, character designers and painters working for them. Man - the designs! And the likeness of the real characters they're based on.

So, I was honoured to share a case with the amazing Tweeterhead and also share the same booth space as the iconic artist Olivia De Berardinis. Her site is here and this is one of my favourite of her paintings.

Here are some photos of the Tweeterhead dislay cases filled with their amazing offerings. Don't forget to check out their website to see more and purchase their hand-painted resin figurines. They're very popular so some of their characters (which are offered in limited runs) sell out very fast. I myself am dying for their Pennywise to become available on August 15th.

I took a live video for my Tall Tales Productions Instagram page which you can see the whole display case as I pan over it! Watch here.

And other sights I found exciting at Comic-Con...

Meanwhile, over at the Weta Workshop booth there was a serious coolness overload, so I had to take a video of my favourite maquette, rather than attempt to capture it in photos. You can watch it at my personal instagram below...

Finally, I'll end on a personal note! This is me sitting at my newly discovered favourite breakfast place in all of California. It's a San Diego chain called 'Breakfast Republic' and they had these cracked egg seats! 

I'll blog again soon with an announcement about Hortense. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with news!

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