Wednesday 5 June 2013

Fantasy at the Fair

Two weekends ago I exhibited my Pixie Dust Miniatures (the brand I created in 2010 to sell scale fantasy miniatures to private collectors) at the Whimsic Alley Fantasy Fair on Wilshire Blvd. This buzzing marketplace of muggles is what LA Weekly referred to as the "best substitute for Diagon Alley" in 2009.

Here are some photos of my table in the Great Hall, which incidentally had floating candles beneath a sky facade. It wasn't the type of show I usually do but it was enormous (and profitable) fun and I met some great artists also exhibiting there.

Oh, and yes, there are sorting hats here because I was warned there would be a lot of HP fans about... but I never do this usually! If you ever visit my Pixie Dust Miniatures store you'll find only my own unique designs. ;)

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