Tuesday 9 July 2013

Who Needs a Fairy Godmother Anyway?

The annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball was looming and I didn't have a dress. Sitting by the fireplace and sighing loudly didn't attract any kind of Fairy Godmother  -well sitting by the air-con and sighing loudly to be exact-  so I was forced to sort something out for myself.

The day before the ball I tore myself away from a miniature set build and got myself organised. A run to a local thrift store turned up one marvellous used costume ballgown made from some sort of tenting material with stains and dodgy seams. Plus it was 8 dress sizes too large. Still... it was 20 bucks so I bought it and hurried home.

Here it is through its stages of meagre transformation. Bear in mind that I only had one day to fix it and it took 2 hours just making it fit my size 0 frame. I made it off-the-shoulder and backless, adding yellow-gold lace around this new back seam. The 'roses' on the bodice were made by cutting circles out of polyester blend off-cuts, snipping petal shapes into them, burning / melting the edges over a candle so that they curled up like flower petals, layering them and finally sewing a diamante bead into the center. I then super-glued my fingers together in a futile attempt to attach them to the dress before deciding to stitch them on. Genius.

Below is my quick sketch of how I wanted the final dress to look, alongside me in the dress shortly before heading off in my pumpkin carriage / convertible... Scroll past these images to read more about the ball itself.

For those of you unaware... this ball is for fans of the 1986 film 'The Labyrinth' or fantasy in general. It's attended by fairies, goblins and oddballs from all over the world and takes place in different venues here in LA. I've attended three times since 2009.

Here are some of my photos of the event from 2009, 2010 and this month.

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