Thursday 16 July 2015

Shout Outs!

First, a bit about what I've been up to... I ran out of brown clay and so had to put my tree sculpt on the back-burner whilst I wait for my Amazon delivery, so in the meantime I've planned and started painting an illustration for the book 'Good Witches Bad Witches'. (See my progress below)

I've always been inspired by Norman Rockwell's paintings which show a gathering of people (for instance his 'Golden Rule' which you can see here), and for ages I've had in mind an illustration of my 'bad witches' in a similar crowd setting. And if you're interested n learning more about Norman Rockwell you should check out his page on Artsy (here). Artsy is a great resource for art collectors by the way, so you should out the site anyway!

The first sketch was just to see how many faces (from my sketchbook here) I could get onto one page. Then I roughly scribbled some crayon colour over it to make sure I didn't have all the redheads on one side and blondes / greys on the other. Then I re-drew it, this time paying more attention to form (inspiration from Rockwell). Then I drew it a final time in pencil, and larger.

I hope to have this painting finished by the weekend and I'll post it here when it is.

And now some 'shout outs' as Americans would put it. To everyone else - 'giving credit to / raising awareness of' some of the artists I met at Comic Con last weekend.

Melissa Pagluica. This artwork has a slight Mucha feel to it, but is super original and just beautiful. She writes her own work too - very talented. Check out here work here.

Vin Teng. This artist does amazing sculptures. I actually watched him work at his booth at Comic Con - very impressive. Lovely bloke too. Find out more here.

Jack and the Pirate Attack / Jack and the Zombie Attack. These books were written and illustrated by this fantastic husband and wife team I met at Comic Con. Find out more here.

Mike Bocianowski. This guy's work was so enchanting! Adorable and a lot of humour. See more here.

Josh Shalek. This guy is brilliant! He writes and illustrates his own comics, has done an album cover, and he was one of the most buzzing, ambitious people at Comic Con - and I just love that kind of energy. See more here.

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