Tuesday 29 May 2018

A Collection of Witches...!

Hello, my favorite people! I hope those of you in the US and in the UK enjoyed the 3 day weekend! I spent it working on my latest witch which I have yet to unveil.... my Australian witch. (Still have about another week to go on her... I'm working slowly as I'm working with an injured arm!)

Anyway, updates...

Thank you to all those who purchased Hortense over the weekend and today. I am so glad that you did.

If any of you are considering getting her, let me point out that there are some left with the amazing $50 off deal.... so now's a great time to grab her - here.

To those of you that have written to me and said you're holding out for a different witch... first, thank you so much for your interest in my work. Secondly, I just want to add something here... to all of you really... without your support in making this Hortense run a success, there wont be anymore witches. And that would be such a sad thing. I am planning to release every single one of my witches as (very) affordable resin figurines, and I am already starting to embark on work for the second to be released (Olga - the Russian witch). But if this Hortense run doesn't happen, then I'll have to abort my plans to release my collection of witches.

If you love my witches but don't fancy buying a figurine / can't afford to buy, then thank you for taking this moment to show your support by sharing my work with someone who might like to purchase one. You can share my work via this blog, or better yet - via my Facebook Page, or my Instagram, or just by directly pasting this webshop link (https://www.tall-tales.com/hortense) in an email to someone who might like her!

Thank you for supporting what I do. I know some of you have followed this project for years, and with your support I can create the line of Collectible Resin Witch Figurines, and I can put out the books I am already working on and keen to put out. It's all of you who support my work (by either sharing my links or buying my work) that allows me to do what I do.

I leave you with some fun witch photos - a collection of them all huddled together, Olga (because she is the next one I will release this year - if Hortense is a success), and finally photos of Hortense who is available for purchase here now!

Also, a little moving glimpse of Hortense in this video I made below.

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