Thursday 25 August 2011

Making Magic - to Scale

As some people know, I am working on a short film entitled 'Myrtle the Witch' and it requires miniature sets, miniature props and miniature characters. I'm funding it in (small) part with money from my online shop which I run as a hobby alongside a career here in LA. So whenever I make necessary props and bits and bobs for Myrtle, I make 10 or so extra and sell them online. Smart little arrangement, right? ;)

The script necessitates two shots of Myrtle's back weed garden and here are some props (miniature pumpkins and gourds)... all in one inch scale (this means 12 times smaller than real life). Handmade by me using polymer clay.

Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Tall Tales productions, concept artist, miniature sets, miniaturist, fantasy stop-motion film-making

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