Sunday 30 November 2014

Elves in Progress...

Did I mention that my miniature model work is in two exhibitions soon? One will be an exhibition of my miniature sets in Shanghai, China and it opens on the 11th Dec and runs through to the beginning of January. This is an exhibition of only my work. I'll fly out there and give a lecture and demos about miniature making as well (and I'll show photos of all of this when I come up for air). The other exhibition is in Burbank, California (at Creature Features) and it is a collection of lots of artists' work and I am showing one piece which I have been creating exclusively for them.

See if you can guess what it's about... there will be elves... a workshop... jars of candy.... it's one of the more complicated and adventurous sets I've made. I'll show working photos and final photos soon, but for now here's a sneak preview!

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Unknown said...

I love these so cute

PILAR6373 said...

Tus elfos son maravillosos!!! Mucha suerte en las exposiciones!!

NarinaNäpertää said...

Oh my..! I LOVE those Elves of yours! (**) They are so cute.. just fab in every way.
Aww.. I wish I could get them all - or at least one of them! They are so awesome :)

I'm usually very much that kind of person you could say, that is VERY much in to everything in Christmas - "A Christmas Freak", but in past few years - because of my daily work (I don't like to work I do, but I must do it..), I've seem to have lost most of my Christmas spirit, but looking at these adorable ones makes me feel a little like Christmas

Adore them. Thanks for showing them here :)
Hope the exhibitions go well.

I wish and hope You have a Happy and Joyful Holiday Seasons.
Hugs, Irina

Blake said...

Love the styling of everything, and such clean work- as always!

Christa-Mari Bentham said...

Cutie pies! I can just imagine them all busy running around getting ready for Christmas. Hehe

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