Friday 6 April 2018

Bite-Size Culture

Here in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world I love that people recognize me as 'the witch girl'.... Somehow the niche I carved for myself in miniatures diverged and it's the witch characters I sculpt in 1:12 scale ('Good Witches Bad Witches™') that people mostly recognize me for.

I'm passionate about the subject of witches, so I'm fine with swapping out the title of 'miniature girl' for 'witch girl'.... I think(!)

However, my past in miniatures and specifically miniature food resurfaces here and there in the form of a commission or an article published somewhere in the world.

Last year it was the Peninsular Press in San Francisco that wrote about my miniature food (article here and below) and today it was the Ukraine! That's the ninth language I've been published in, so I am fairly pleased about that.

It's a magazine called Aeroplan, and you can read it here (pages 38-39) and below.

Anyway, Just thought I'd throw together some old miniature food photos for you since we're talking about mini food and as Aeroplan magazine put it, a 'bite-size craze'. Personally I loved how the Peninsular Press put it... a 'snack-bite culture'.

Enjoy the photos.... don't forget to follow on the Tall Tales Facebook to see more, and watch me work in live time and post (almost) daily updates on Tall Tales Instagram here.

I'll update you very soon with when pre-sales begin on Hortense Pompeux.... it's happening very soon!

Some past miniature food made by myself... Find out more about my miniature food and see tiny food cooking videos at the website here.

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1 comment:

elizabeth s said...

Your mini foods are perfectly Scrumptious but I would never be satisfied with just one bite,
because I want to eat them ALL!

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