Friday 27 April 2018

Tall Tales at Monsterpalooza 2018

I mentioned I'd have a table at Monsterpalooza (the place to "celebrate the art of monsters and movie magic ...with over 250 vendors, a monster museum, special guests, makeup demos, presentations and more..." ) in previous post here... 

Boy, was it fun! Easily one of the most fun weekends I have spent in my 7 years living in the United States.

I didn't take enough photos as I was mostly glued to my table, but I've included some below. I'll pop a video with footage from the event on the Tall Tales YouTube Channel soon.

Anyway, what a blast!
Elvira was there as her stunning natural redhead self (did I mention to you before that if you're a fan you should get the definitive book of hers here?)... also present was the gorgeous heartthrob David Naughton ('An American Werewolf in London'), Rick Baker, countless amazing artists and people attending in some seriously cool costumes. Scroll to the end of my photos for some shout outs!

Now, most importantly, get the first look below at my first resin collectible - Hortense, the French witch.

She will be available for pre-sales verrrrry soon (I'll announce the date via the newsletter here) with a PROMO DISCOUNT CODE for the very first early birds....!

Artisan hand-sculpted (by me, of course), cast by the very talented Michael Allen and then hand-painted. She'll come on a special artist base (which I am still having made). This is a Limited edition collectible for the Good Witches Bad Witches™ series.  Naturally she comes complete with her fabulous mink shawl, her French poodle and shopping cart and her monster handbag.

Don't forget to sign up for the Tall Tales newsletter so you don't miss the discount at the launch.

Enjoy the photos of Monsterpalooza below! Click on an image to enlarge.

Photos from the show and of some colorful visitors to my table...

And now, shout outs...

If you read this blog you're likely a fellow artist / sculptor? Then you need tools from Jane's Tools. THE best supplier I've known in all my years in the business. Here's a snapshot of some of the wonderful tools I just bought from this fantastic Texas based company. Please find their website here and go crazy - their prices are super reasonable.

An artist I was super excited to meet there (his table was directly behind mine and he was a very cool guy)... check out Dug Stanat...

Couldn't get a photo of his work myself, so this is pulled off his website, but you have to discover the weird and wonderful world of Turkey Merck! How cool are his mugs?! You must have at least 1 friend who has needed one all their life. Plus - totally cool guy. 

Gosh, I know there were other artists and vendors I wanted to share with you but since I just moved house their business cards could be anywhere! So will update that as soon as I can.
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