Wednesday 22 October 2014

Which Witch?

A couple of extras for the short film Myrtle the Witch are no longer needed, so in their redundancy I've made them available for sale this Halloween. Here are some photos of these characters. Made using wire, polymer clay, paint, silk and other mixed media. They're actually in 1:12 scale, so they're smaller than you'd think. See a previous post about making them here.

Once you've become tired of scrolling through witch photos below, you'll see more of my Halloween costume which I have barely worked on at all since I've been so madly busy lately! In the words of the now fallen Rolf Harris, "can you guess what it is yet?" (Previous post about costume here).

And in other news, I saw 'The Book of Life' at a screening at FOX Studios on Sunday and thought the look of the film was quite unique and imaginative. Worth a look, if only for the design of the world. The New York Street at FOX looks so much fun in the California heat, with palm trees visible just feet away!

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